Learning Now TV debut

VR in Training

A great interview with Nigel Paine on Learning Now TV talking about VR/AR and the importance of placing the Business Case at the heart of …

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Podcast – Education and Training in VR

VR in Education

A great discussion with David Sime of Oncor Video and Clive Elleforde of PTW talking about the ways VR is being used currently in education …

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Should I use VR?

Starting from learning objectives.

I recently posted this on Twitter and it’s a lighthearted look at quite a serious subject.  If you’re using VR, are you using it for …

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Can anyone build VR?

My adventures with Sumerian.

Amazon claim on the Sumerian site that their software ‘lets you create and run virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D applications quickly and …

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Designing VR for Cognitive Load

How not to overwhelm the learner in VR

Why cognitive load is important for VR design. Cognitive Load theory looks at the burden on working memory that is felt by a learner during …

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A Magic Leap for Education

Use cases and Design Ideas for Education

Magic Leap isn’t just a technology for gaming or entertainment, it has great possibilities for education and training. Based on a first-look at the device, …

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Oculus Quest for training

Picture of someone using the oculus quest

Check out my article on what the Oculus Quest means for the future of training. …

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Who should be in the driving seat?

Instructor-led apps in VR and AR

One big issue in learning design for Immersive is whether to build learner- or instructor-led products. Very often in the rush to build products I’ve …

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Challenges and Opportunities

Developing Immersive Technologies for Education and Training
Businessman using AR headset

Immersive technologies offer us a unique set of opportunities and challenges in developing for education and training but currently too many products are focused on …

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VR in Education

Too much icing, not enough cake
Too much icing on cake

Today I was thinking, when you see a cake it’s the icing that is important. The initial impression of the cake is vital, if it’s …

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Layered Learning

New Approaches to Education and Training in Immersive
Young Woman with Mobile VR headset

I’ve seen the future of learning and it’s layered. What does this mean? Immersive technologies offer us an unparalleled opportunity to look into the way …

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