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Supporting you in designing for AR and VR

3Rs Immersive is here to support you in the design of your immersive technology training or education product.

We bring considerable expertise in the design of training and education products in VR, AR and MR to help you build the product that meets the needs of your learners and suits your learning environment.  

We want to help you, through solid independent advice to make the best choices not only for your budget and timescales, but ultimately also for your learners.

We can help with technology selection in order to understand which technology – AR, VR or MR best meets your learning or training needs.  Alongside this we can help with hardware or platform selection due to our understanding of the whole immersive marketplace.

In addition we can give advice on prototype design or support you with a full-project management service.

Design for Education

3Rs Immersive is committed to collaborating with companies in designing educational experiences that have a measurable impact on learners.

If you are an Immersive Technology company working in the Education or Training sector we can assist you in the learning design of impactful VR or AR experiences at every stage.  From concept identification through Proof of Concept to final product we can help make sure that your ideas meet the learners’ needs and the features of your products and user design are representative of the learner’s voice.

We can also help with understanding of the education market, sourcing of subject matter experts and project management.



Help in starting to design a VR/AR product by advising on elements of learning design specific to immersive technologies.


Assistance in deciding on the appropriate technology (AR/VR/MR/AI) for learning outcomes.


Helping companies or institutions that already have a concept to select the appropriate hardware or platform. Evaluating existing products for strengths and weaknesses in moving to commercialisation.


Working in collaboration with clients to design a proof of concept. Advising on features, limitations of the technology, possibilities within budget and timescale and evaluation of other products in the market.


Supplier selection and vetting. Independent advice on choosing suppliers. Recommendations of good quality suppliers who can deliver.


Advice on how much immersive products should cost and how long they should take. Support in working with suppliers on these questions.

Case Studies

Mowbray partners logo

Mowbray Partners

Public Safety Training using Innovative Technologies

Mowbray Partners are seeking to transform training within the Public Safety and Policing sector.  Their challenge was to understand how immersive and digital technologies might be used to achieve economies of scale or create a learning environment that is both effective and inspiring.  3Rs Immersive have been able to help them evaluate the possibilities offered by VR and AR in sector-specific training as well as supporting them more broadly in creating and sourcing digital training solutions; bidding for innovation funding; project-managing the creation of innovative learning solutions and advising on stakeholder communication regarding immersive technologies.

Joanna Webb with VR headset


Immersive Product Design

As Head of the Immersive technical team at Pearson Jo was responsible for the design and building of products in MR, VR and 360.  Initial user research centred around identifying key learning outcomes by working with teachers, instructors and learners to evaluate their needs and the key technologies to meet those needs.  Jo led the team in producing products in 360 video for Higher Education, vocational mixed reality training products using Microsoft HoloLens and collaborated on VR training products for Oculus Rift and mobile AR for iOS and Android.  At the heart of Jo’s approach was the need to produce products that not only looked good but were pedagogically valid and commercially sound.


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